Top Money-Making Techniques Every Copywriter Should Master

In 1970s, Wang Laboratories did not only revolutionised the world of computing when it released its original Wang PC, it also made a remarkable history in the jungle of failed marketing campaigns when it developed the slogan Wang Cares. While the slogan aimed to express strong company accountability, their branches in the United Kingdom were not so happy about the idea that they refused to adopt it. “Wang Cares” when spoken sounds distinctly like a crude word commonly used in the UK and other Commonwealth countries. It was not going to be a clever way to persuade British customers to buy their computers.

This reflects the complex nature of copywriting. As you immerse yourself into the field of sales copy, you would realise that more than the fancy words that highlight the product’s benefits, it is really about knowing the way to your audience’s mind and adjusting your phrases according to their fashion. If you are a copywriter, here are the hottest techniques that could cement your career in the field of copywriting.

  1. Your product exists to feed a starving crowd. Find where they are and satisfy the hunger.

Understanding your market is the most on-point way to build a strong foundation with your audience. Most copywriters profusely throw the words of benefits, low prices, and the hippest location but throwing them at the wrong crowd is a massive waste of campaign efforts and cost. Find them first, assess and begin with your wooing process. Make them crave for that irresistible marketing charm that would earn you their sale-reviving YES!

  1. Research like Sherlock.

Do not only settle with what you know, be obsessed with your topic and let your minds take you even to the most unpopular resources. Smart and advanced detective work will most likely elevate your copy. If you can offer a presentation that can separate you from the noise of other competitive campaigns, consider the sale closed.

  1. Shy away from yawn-inducing headlines.

The importance of a powerful headline is underrated but this is what makes the content sparkle. If you can’t drive them to click it, how else would you expect them to get swayed by your brand? Intrigue them, inform, inspire, entertain, or surprise them until it transforms your brand into a household name.

  1. Tap into your audience’s insecurities but do not leave them hopeless. Give the solution by delivering your claims.

Admit it or not, your audience has different insecurities that they are wanting solutions for. Why do you think do they search for products to give them glowing, healthy skin? Why do fitness centres exist? The market for beauty products alone can summarise the growing extent of their unstable self-confidence. Show them how buying your product can improve their lives. Everyone has a need and if you can design your copy in a way that will address each and everyone’s varying needs through the same brand, then you can just sit back and watch the sales increase.

  1. If you must bombard your readers with details, do so in the most fascinating way.

Details work advantageously for the product but don’t lose your audience by boring them with facts. Remember that your brand has to compete for the disintegrated attention span of your audience. This is the perfect time when your creative genius should not go missing in action. Break your facts into short paragraphs or list them down but whatever technique you have come up with, do not forget to score your sales through engaging marketing efforts.

Brilliant copywriters are every business’ money-makers. They could skyrocket company sales or drive embarrassing attention to the brand if not totally bury it to the grave of the unknown. No one aims for the latter, so be the storyteller that every company looks for. Tell to win and tell it profitably.


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