Eureka! A Copywriter’s Journey to Ideas That Sell

For the longest time, the industry has fed our already information-packed brains with more resources that could springboard copywriters into the endlessly swinging door of copywriting opportunities.

Experts have delved deeper into the anatomy of compelling headlines, analysed the backbone of digital marketing, and tinkered different variables of search engine optimisation.

Up-and-coming copywriters have seen them connect with target readers and consumers at a personal level. They communicate with them by traversing the path to sincerity which often drives readers into action. Oftentimes, they traipse the truthfulness of their copy as it extends to an even farther journey of cutting their hearts open so readers can relate to their story in order to persuade them.

A lot of talks, conferences, forums, and workshops have been offered at the altar of Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of writing, but what remains slightly unexplored is the power to wear that elusive magical cape of captivating ideas in an effortless manner.

Now we all know ideas are what fuel our writing engines. Without it, copywriters may just be rusting machines deemed useless for their purpose.

So where do brain-tickling ideas come from?

Your product’s history is an oasis of information where engaging ideas could typically spring from.

Ogilvy’s most famous and perhaps one of the greatest headlines in the realm of marketing, ‘at 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock’, was a product of a tedious research that involved three weeks of reading about the product’s history. And this idea was not even his, but in fact, words he quoted from an article published in The Motor magazine, which was written by one of the designers of Rolls-Royce.

How can you stumble across the same advertising gold, you ask?

Study the product you are selling. Read write-ups about it from the magazines, newspapers, online articles, basically from any material where your product has been featured as this will give you a better idea to recognise the needs of your intended audience.

Pay attention to detail especially in conversation. You will never know when someone will spark your creative thinking.

Have you ever had a moment when you were in a conversation with someone and then out of nowhere, the person said something that instantaneously lit up the bulb in your head? That is your aha! moment right there! You will know it is an irresistible idea when your mind starts working on its own and you can’t wait to get to your desk and be a slave of the genius that have just happened.

Conversations do not necessarily have to be with people who work for the product you are representing. It can be with anyone, even with strangers, as the inspiration can flow any moment in different circumstances. You just have to be ready to embrace it when it unfolds.

They say lightning does not strike the same place twice. This rings true when it comes to winning ideas. Keeping a book of it will definitely save those fleeting moments.

There are days when your creative juice just keeps flowing unstoppably and ideas voluntarily knock at your door even without invitation. Don’t take these instances for granted. Ensure that all those appealing thoughts are stored and written down in your notebook for when copywriting days are tough and repetitive; this list can totally rescue your day.

Are you out in the woods trying to get in synch with nature or perhaps basking under the sun while soaking in the beautiful waters of Bondi beach? How about in the middle of a refreshing shower? Apparently, great ideas can strike anywhere, every time. It does not wait until you’re ready. The good thing is you can capture them as they come and get back to it when you get down to work. Just make sure that you carry a pen and a paper wherever you go or voice recorders which you can purchase at a local store. It does not have to be expensive but it has to be functional and easy to use.

How about those fascinating ideas that interrupt your shower, you wonder? Well, the existence of aqua notes waterproof notepads that stick to tiles is a useful life hack for writers. It prevents enthralling ideas from going down the drain and is an effective way to outsmart even the most mundane task that gets in the way of your writing.

Lastly, be a voracious reader!

Writers are voracious readers. They read anything they can get their hands on and every titbit of new information becomes an asset to their long lists of resources. No amount of relevant ideas could pass their watchful eyes unnoticeably. In this industry, being informed and staying updated is all part of the job. So read more with an insatiable appetite!


With so many distractions nowadays, your ideas should have the characteristics of a mind candy and a quality that leaves long lasting impression etched at the back of your readers’ head. It should be engaging, click-worthy, and have the ability to persuade the reader to take a desired action such as pulling out their wallets.

When all these techniques fail, do not be disheartened. Go out, take a walk and throw yourself out into the environment that surrounds you. Inspiration is not scarce but you have to take the blind mask off. When you discover this for yourself, go back, sit in your chair and relish the moment when you can finally exclaim – Eureka!

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