Copywriting Tips: 5 Powerful Ways to Influence Your Customers’ Buying Behaviour

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

David Ogilvy

You heard it all before. Persuasion and honesty trample all other characteristics of copywriting. In fact even Ogilvy, ‘The Father of Advertising,’ believed that the effectiveness of high-quality copy lies not in its creativity but in its ability to persuade. Creative copy entertains but this should not be done at the expense of your primary goal. Don’t get me wrong. Creativity is of course a necessity to capture your audience’s deteriorating attention span, but the realisation of your goal is only tested by the way you make them linger to your words that leads to a favourable end result –to buy your product. This delineates the critical role of balance. You have to be creative and persuasive at the same time when one does not overshadow the other; otherwise you jeopardise the purpose of your copy.

Sound tough?

Producing consistently right-on-the-beam copy is difficult and often time-consuming. Too often, copywriters resort to aggressive actions that only disappointingly generate weak results. This is because your concentration has shifted to solely increasing sales when you should be effortlessly accomplishing it by heavily focusing on meeting your consumers’ needs. This self-sabotaging habit may be killing your winning streaks.

Have you reached the saturation point? Read these five powerful copywriting tips that will surely resuscitate your forgotten marketing charm.

Tap into your audience’s mirror neurons

Two years ago, I read an article about Louisville’s NCAA player. The headline states, ‘College Basketball Player Suffers Horror Injury: Kevin Ware’s 6-inch Bone Pops Out of His Leg.’

Did you cringe at the thought of it like I did when I instantaneously played the incident in my head? I know you did. Mirror neurons work like that. It is designed to make your audience feel something. According to Lea Winerman of the American Psychological Association, the discovery of mirror neurons was a serendipitous phenomenon that explains why people instinctively understand and respond to other people’s actions, feelings, and intentions.

This discovery can be well applied to copywriting. By now, great copywriters should have already realised that strong, powerful emotions can be translated into words that will directly affects its readers. If you know your target consumers, you will know how to encapsulate them within your words using mirror neurons. What makes them feel good? How do you convince them to buy your product? Woo them by hitting their emotional satisfaction so that the part of their brains that is responsible for making decisions will act in favour of your copy.

Hold your readers’ attention with open loops

Open loops in copywriting are like cliff hanger in your favourite movies or TV shows. It keeps your audience on the edge of their seat by playing with their curiosity. Its seductive power is presented through questions or statements that will drive them to dig deeper into your copy to satisfy the questions that you build in their heads.

Be mindful, however, that you close whatever open loops you used to stir their longing for completion. Otherwise, your audience will be frustrated.

Be Bossy

Are you the type that still pussyfoots around when writing call to action? While it pays to be careful with wordings, effective copywriting should not dilly-dally. You have to direct your readers to a path that you want them to take, otherwise they might go astray. For example, if you want your readers to sign up to your monthly newsletter, you will say…

Sign up now to our monthly marketing newsletter and watch your sales increase!

You don’t say…

If you want to increase your sales, please sign up to our marketing newsletter by typing in your email address below.

Call to action should sound certain in order for the readers to respond. The use of word ‘if’ relates that they have the option not to sign up. While it is true that they do have the power to choose which way to go, the goal of copywriting is to convert them as part of your growing customer base.

For B2C marketing, online marketers can reinforce their effective copywriting by ensuring that the call to action button speaks the goal that the brand aims to achieve. According to some studies, an orange call to action button can increase conversion rates by 32.5 per cent while those that use red buttons have observed a 21 per cent boost in their sales.

Adjectives are good but verb displays enticing authority

If you are like those people that depended mainly on the use of hollow adjectives, it is time to wake up. You are overlooking the double power of verbs and how it can amplify the effects of your copy. Verbs, unlike adjectives’ vague descriptions, are specific and express authority and credibility.

For example, you can say…

James is a popular copywriter with unmatched marketing appeal.

Or you can say this and clears doubt off of your readers’ head…

James has worked with XXX and helped increase the company’s sales by 45 per cent.

The first example is guaranteed to make your readers exclaim, ‘wow!’ but the second one will make your readers say, ‘wow, let’s hire him!’

Drive action through irresistible storytelling

A savvy copywriter knows that storytelling holds sale-boosting appeal that will push readers to action. The magnetic force of storytelling can transport readers into different places. People can shun marketing pitches but no one has ever resisted the compelling vibe of a good story.

You see it in long sales copy, press releases, and case studies. Every day we are surrounded with various stories that narrate interesting plights. These not only create actions but are also a great technique to spark a word-of-mouth marketing. After all good stories are what people love to talk about.

If you can pique your readers’ interest through impactful storytelling, then you are on your way to 100 per cent accomplishment of your copywriting goals. It is credibility, truthfulness, honesty, and persuasion waiting to be read.

Are you ready to pick up those plummeting sales? Share your favourite copywriting tips below and begin to inspire others.


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