Copywriting Tips: 5 Powerful Ways to Influence Your Customers’ Buying Behaviour

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” David Ogilvy You heard it all before. Persuasion and honesty trample all other characteristics of copywriting. In fact even Ogilvy, ‘The Father of Advertising,’ believed that the effectiveness of high-quality copy lies not in its creativity but in its ability to persuade. Creative copy entertains but this should not be

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Procrastination: Every Writer’s Struggle and How to Liberate Yourself from It

procrastination in writing

Are you a writer who does not write? Most writers are unequivocally a well-versed procrastinator. It is a notorious occupational hazard that hampers us from sitting down in front of our computer as every fictional character and idea we have created begs for our time and attention. And while we are well-aware of their nagging demand, we continue to ignore the need to get down to work. Instead we stalk people on Facebook, relentlessly scrolling through every post while switching

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Eureka! A Copywriter’s Journey to Ideas That Sell

For the longest time, the industry has fed our already information-packed brains with more resources that could springboard copywriters into the endlessly swinging door of copywriting opportunities. Experts have delved deeper into the anatomy of compelling headlines, analysed the backbone of digital marketing, and tinkered different variables of search engine optimisation. Up-and-coming copywriters have seen them connect with target readers and consumers at a personal level. They communicate with them by traversing the path to sincerity which often drives readers

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5 Scene-Stealing Steps to Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

Every minute, Google responds to more than 4 million searches and reads 20 petabytes of data every day to meet the demands of more than 3.17 billion tech-savvy users all over the world. With an estimated 6 billion searches per day, your brand can either dominate the first-page rank or rule the world of never-been-clicked and never-been-read. The internet never sleeps, and your copywriter needs more than caffeinated drinks to jibe with it. Do you still hide in the shadow

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Top Money-Making Techniques Every Copywriter Should Master

In 1970s, Wang Laboratories did not only revolutionised the world of computing when it released its original Wang PC, it also made a remarkable history in the jungle of failed marketing campaigns when it developed the slogan Wang Cares. While the slogan aimed to express strong company accountability, their branches in the United Kingdom were not so happy about the idea that they refused to adopt it. “Wang Cares” when spoken sounds distinctly like a crude word commonly used in

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5 Sure-Fire Tricks to Write Captivating Headlines

In a world of online marketing where customers are filled with seemingly endless options, how do you make your message stand out? The answer could be staring you in the eye right now, yet most copywriters take it for granted. They are too consumed on taking bolder steps that could convert readers into potential buyers, increase click-through rates, and build strong brands that they often forget about this simple yet extremely neglected part of their content –the Headline. How much

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Are You Still Struggling to Persuade Your Potential Customers? Your Non-Existent Emotional Connection May Be the Culprit

Much has been said about the power of copywriting. The most compelling copy is always favoured with massive amount of sales while the ones with unappealing verbiage are doomed to plummet down the hole of undiscovered fortune. Despite the plethora of readily available copywriting sources, not everyone has managed to rise above the challenge with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, most of the businesses today remain oblivious to the importance of building emotional connection with their target consumers. Now you may

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