Are You Still Struggling to Persuade Your Potential Customers? Your Non-Existent Emotional Connection May Be the Culprit

Much has been said about the power of copywriting. The most compelling copy is always favoured with massive amount of sales while the ones with unappealing verbiage are doomed to plummet down the hole of undiscovered fortune. Despite the plethora of readily available copywriting sources, not everyone has managed to rise above the challenge with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, most of the businesses today remain oblivious to the importance of building emotional connection with their target consumers.

Now you may ask, is it really necessary? Can’t the benefits and other advantages of the products or services bridge the gap between your company and your potential customers? The disappointing truth is that, while you are busy asking these questions, other businesses are already reaping millions of sales only by tapping into the feelings of their audience.

Most companies have figured it all wrong. They feed customers with benefits and other after-sales advantages not knowing what could really push them towards their side of the fence. While these points are also considered influential to the consumers’ buying decision, it is the bond you have with them that could really cement loyalty and trust.

A recent survey shows that 89% of buyers do not feel any emotional connection with the companies they deal with or to the brands that they purchase. This is risky and often calls for stringent monitoring of customers’ buying activities because more often than not, these are also the same customers who are quickly swayed by competitors’ advertisements. Now imagine how much cost you could save if you don’t have to spend on other unnecessary techniques just to keep your customers close. Visualize what magic it could do to your business if you could convert that 89% of buyers into loyal consumers of your brand. Sweet, isn’t it?

Of course, building emotional connection is far from a walk in the park but it can be done. Perceive your brand like sophisticated jewellery, which is a famous emotional statement. For example, charm bracelet is known to have personal significance to the buyer. When a customer sees this piece of accessory, it instantaneously reminds them of their loved ones. Position your brand in a way that when consumers see it, it evokes a special feeling that would never make them want to leave that moment without buying.

Now, how do you make it possible? Develop a strategy that is customer-centred. An irresistible copy presents the facts in a way that does not make the customer feel like they are invisible. Recognise their needs and understand their buying experience and activities. Strive to meet their expectations and listen to their concerns. Once these are all delivered, customers will always remember how they feel about dealing with you and accepting your brand. It is always about your customers. Build your business around them and they will lead you to that fountain of profit in a jungle called digital marketing.

Do you have the proper tools to make it happen? This is where a copywriter with a gift of words should come in. They are worth more than a thousand sales and are definitely game changers.

Studies show that copywriters who have the ability to crack down the wall between businesses and customers can increase sales by 85% compared to that of the competitor. Additionally, this connection also establishes strong brand recommendation, recurring purchase, and customers are likely to stick around with you longer than your competitor’s business life. How awesome could that be?!

They say that there are five stages of consumer buying decision. These are the recognition of needs, information search about possible brand solutions or options, evaluation of these information, purchase decision, and lastly the post-purchase behaviour. There will be times when a consumer will skip one or two stages and jump directly to purchase decision. It does sound complex but how fulfilling it could be when you know that your brand will make the cut whether they follow the stages or not. The sure-fire strategy is simple –Romance them with your words.


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