5 Sure-Fire Tricks to Write Captivating Headlines

In a world of online marketing where customers are filled with seemingly endless options, how do you make your message stand out?

The answer could be staring you in the eye right now, yet most copywriters take it for granted. They are too consumed on taking bolder steps that could convert readers into potential buyers, increase click-through rates, and build strong brands that they often forget about this simple yet extremely neglected part of their content –the Headline.

How much time do you spend writing your headline? Or do you only rush your way through it while throwing too much focus on the body?

Given the technology advancements we have today, online marketing is undoubtedly the sacred avenue that could fountain your ROI in the sky; unfortunately not all businesses are lucky enough to trigger its flow. For some, finding its sweet spot is like looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now that sounds like wishful thinking, right? What if we tell you that you can actually produce your own gold by simply coming up with killer headlines? Yes, we can almost hear you breathing with excitement!

We know some people hate numbers but digits in headlines do not only light up the stars in your eyes, these are also a perfect brain candy. Numbers are an amazing way to lock your reader’s interest. It gives an impression of substance and well-organised content. Most people would just skim through it and breaking your points down into numbers allows speed reading without sacrificing the quality of your copy. Additionally it would also pose an opportunity for them to grasp the relevance of your information without having the need to read through everything.

Always write your numbers in figures. It would attract viewers 25% higher than writing it down in words.

Fuel their curiosity by starting your headlines with phrases like how to…, what better way to…, or what you should know…. How to headline is definitely one of the most overused phrases in the world of content marketing today. It gets boring sometimes but knowing how to add spice to it can reward your marketing strategy more lucratively than you have ever imagined.

How to Sell Your Product like Hotcakes is definitely far more entertaining than How to Sell Your Product Quickly.

Charm your way in through powerful adjectives. Some say that adjectives are a copywriter’s nightmare. It could spread your content like lightning or vanish into oblivion, but adjectives could also be your passport to achieving impressive conversion rate, leads, sales, cost per acquisition, and ROI. Use adjectives with enthusiasm. These are emotive words and should therefore evoke reaction from the readers.

Some of the catchiest adjectives are mind-blowing, effortless, persuasive, ultimate, kickass, and a whole lot more.

Make it as short as possible but if you must break the rule, break it triumphantly. Six to seven words are the ideal length of a good headline; however you have the freedom to break this rule in order to tastefully convey your story. You can go as much as 12-15 words. Anything beyond that is an absolute danger.

Furthermore, you should also know your limit the same way Twitter imposes theirs. Google truncates headlines that exceed its 65-character rule and it might result to unfavourable search engine result.

Tease them with a promise they couldn’t resist and make them stick by delivering your claims. Nobody is as captivated as the person who is intrigued. Incorporate the element of surprise in your headline by promising them something valuable. Readers read your content if they feel that they will get something in return, may it be new knowledge, tricks, solutions, or entertainment.

Do not give your story at once. Remember that your goal is to lure them into clicking your content. A headline that says How to Get a Healthy Glowing Skin in 7 Days sounds more appealing than X Gives You Glowing Skin in 7 Days. Be bold and brave but always fulfil what you have promised through an on-topic discussion.

Does Headline Really Matter?

Statistics shows that 2 out of 10 people will likely read the entire content of your copy while 8 out of 10 will read your headlines. This means that if you have the right concoction of words, you can easily bring readers to action by initially sparking their interest through the most important part of your copy.

Attention-grabbing headlines are essential to finding the elixir of business life. It drives traffic to your website, engages your visitor, and most importantly, converts them into sure buyers. Never settle for head-shaking results. Tickle their brain!

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